Congratulations to Samuele Boschi – a successful doctoral thesis defense makes him the first Astrogeobiology PhD!


On the 13th of December 2019, Samuele Boschi successfully defended his doctoral thesis:  The flux of extraterrestrial spinels to Earth associated with He-3 anomalies in Cenozoic and Ordovician sediments. The Faculty opponent was Professor Luigi Folco, University of Pisa, Italy. The examination committee comprised three persons: Professor Jan Smit, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Associate Professor Davide Lenaz, University of Trieste; and Professor Per Ahlberg, Lund University.

Samuele’s hard and meticulous work for 4 years resulted in a thesis with many peer-reviewed articles in high ranked journals. He is also the first to become a PhD within the field of Astrogeobiology.


Two members of the examination committee and the Faculty opponent at the AGB office. From left to right: Jan Smit (holding a fossil meteorite), Luigi Folco and Davide Lenaz.


Luigi Folco, Jan Smit and Davide Lenaz in the hydrochloric acid laboratory.